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Superstars Live

Steve Ryckier in 'Superstars live' is a variety act in it's purest way! How about hearing up to 30 celebs in a short period of time on stage? Comedy, live singing, dancing, impersonation,... it's all there in this one many, many voices act. A few props here and there make you feel like the real deal is in the house!

From The Bee Gees to Frank Sinatra, over Michael Jackson to Elvis Presley is just a matter of a blink with the eye. Comedy and voices, lyric twists here and there make this act into an international ensemble of great entertainment for all ages.

Steve is more then just a singer with a great voice! He is singing with 40 other voices as well! The act has grown over the years from a 15 min. 'on tape show' to a full live concert with a great band. Never the less the variety act of 15 min. is constantly changing with new songs, comedy, etc... Steve is always ready to improvise and loves to take the audience on a musical journey with great voices from the past and now.

Superstars live
1 x 15 min.
2 x 15 min.
1 x 75 min. full concert

Superstars Live act

Superstars LiveSuperstars Live

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Casino Knokke, Casino Oostende, Casino Middelkerke, Casino Blankenberge, Casino Koksijde

All major theaters in Belgium, Holland
Variety show at 'The White Horse' - Blankenberge

Corporate events:
KBC, AXA bank, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ghelamco, Lions Club, Rotary, Round Table club, Kiwanis, Komatsy NV, Oiltanking NV, Groep Willy Naessens, Wouters NV, Red Cross Belgium, Vandemoortele NV, Matexi, Ikea, Omega Pharma, B+ Pharma, Zurich Insurance es, Veritas, Huntsman Europe, Arcelor Metal, Sodexho

International shows in:
Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Holland, Greece, United states,...